GRADE 10, 11 & 12

Why should I send my child to UniHigh?
At Unihigh we accommodate every child that meets the minimum entry requirements as prescribed by the Department of Education. We provide a positive environment for the individual. We believe in discipline that will promote personal development.

What can you offer my child?
Individual attention and small classes with experienced, quality teachers. We offer study method workshops. We focus on the individual and monitor their progress. At Unihigh we offer a safe, organised environment to allow your child to perform at their very best.

How do you assist with subject choices?
We provide career guidance and counselling focused on tertiary studies. We also look at the learner’s interests and aptitude.

What type of academic support do you offer the child?
We offer supervised homework sessions. We also offer learner support and teacher assistance outside the classroom.

How do you communicate with the parents?
There is effective communication between academic staff, learners and parents. We provide monthly academic feedback. Parents will be notified of exam, test and assignment dates. Timetables will also be made available for parents.

What feedback do you give on learner progress?
Learner progress is continuously monitored and monthly academic feedback is provided. We have an open door policy. Parents are welcome to meet with the Principal or Vice-Principal should they need to discuss their child’s academic wellbeing or any other concerns.

Is there lots of homework?
There is no more or less than in a public high school. That is why the supervised homework sessions are important for learners to complete homework activities before they actually go home.

Why does my child need to sign a code of conduct?
It is important that we provide a safe environment for all our learners that is conducive for learning. We need to ensure that there are measures of discipline in place, as learners need boundaries.

Do you follow normal school holidays?

What facilities do you offer the high school learners?
There is a knowledge/research centre/hub on campus with computer, printing and Internet facilities. Wi-Fi is also available on campus free for all learners.

What about the college/tertiary learners? Will they be kept separate?
The college learners follow different timetables to the high school learners. Therefore they will usually take breaks and holidays at different times to the high school learners.

Who are the teachers?
Our teachers are both qualified and experienced and have to be SACE registered.